Band Crush

Toro y Moi, the perfect chillwave sound

My friend once did a mixed CD for me. It was the full album “Causers of This” from Toro y Moi. I didn’t know the band back then and I ended up listening to that album on repeat in my car for months and months. All the songs, along with their sequence in the album, are exactly the type of chillwave sound I search for in a band.

After releasing that album in 2010, they released “Underneath the Pine” in 2011, which is OK but not awesome.

As for their latest album, “Anything in Return” released this year, we’re back in the good trippy indie vibes.

I will post the links of both albums “Causers of This” and “Anything in Return” because all the songs in both are awesome, I cannot favor some over others, as well as a playlist which dates from 2011.

I also strongly recommend you to check their SoundCloud channel, they also do a lot of good remixes.

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