Band Crush

Banks, sexy but poised and powerful

Jilian Banks, better known simply as Banks, has been a rising star after building up her fan base on SoundCloud then recently releasing her first official single “Before I Ever Met You” in February 2013. Her first EP, “London,” was released last September.

Since then, she has been attracting a lot of media attention, having already been featured in Vogue, Glamour, The Guardian and more.

I was first introduced to her music a couple of months ago when my friend forwarded me a Slamxhype article about her single “This Is What It Feels Like”. I instantly fell for Banks’ sexy but poised and powerful voice and looks. (“This Is What It Feels Like” is the opening track of my Silly Goon Vibes No.3 playlist by the way.)

I will list my favorites of her tracks, as I always do, and if you’d like to discover more from her, she is very active online (SoundCloud, website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). She even posted her phone number on her Facebook page.




And her first EP, “London”:

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