Band Crush / Silly Goon Goes Live

On the air with Allan from Lazzy Lung

As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve just started contributing to‘s weekly radio show. The show is all about interacting with talented Lebanese and regional bands, and having them perform live and on the air.

2famoustv Radio Show

Allan and I co-hosting the show

My first interview was with Allan from Lazzy Lung, who was also co-host for the night. He and I met shortly before the start of the show. By the time the microphones had been turned on, we’d already talked about the band’s upcoming album “Sailor’s Delight” and their E.P. “The Hunger,” and the upcoming documentary “Kids Like You and Me” about the band and their Middle Eastern tour with The Black Lips. I couldn’t help but notice that Allan kept dodging my questions about the band’s international success and awards, maybe in an effort not to fuel the commercial/mainstream fire. Instead, we lingered on what Lazzy Lung is really about: great rock n’ roll beats.

Allan’s rhetoric is subdued, almost modest, but our short conversation had me convinced of Lazzy Lung’s incredible potential. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it really big on the international stage.

The live interview itself sounded more like witty banter than a formal Q&A. Allan was all jokes, and sounded so much more buoyant, much less composed than he was off-mike.

Below is the full podcast of the show and a couple excerpts, to give you a taste.

“[Black Lips] are the coolest dudes on the planet.”

“Beirut is the most rock n’ roll city in the region.”

You can also listen to my crushes from Lazzy Lung. For further awesomeness, check their SoundCloud and YouTube channels.




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