Band Crush

Kids of 88, new wave kiwis

Kids of 88 is a new wave duo from Auckland, New Zealand. They got known in 2009 after releasing their single “My House” (which I’m not a fan of).

The music genre new wave actually exists since the late 1970s, relating initially to punk and garage rock. Nowadays it branched out and also implies electronic/experimental music, disco and pop. I already covered a few bands playing this genre: New Young Pony Club, CSS and Blackbird Blackbird

Some tracks of Kids of 88 particularly remind me of Goldfrapp though, who is categorized as new wave but also synth-pop. If you do not know Goldfrapp yet, you’re missing out on some very soothing and trippy tunes by the way, such as:

Anyway, Goldfrapp deserves their own blog post very soon. Going back to the kiwis, below are my favorite crushes from Kids of 88. And for further discoveries, you can check their YouTube and SoundCloud channels.

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