Band Crush

Latest music buzz since April: TĀLĀ


TĀLĀ only has 4 public sounds released since April 2014 (“The Duchess”, “Serbia”, “Other People’s Poetry” and “On My Own In Hua Hin”) but she has been featured in several music and culture sites already (Gorilla vs Bear, The Fader, DAZED, Pigeons and PlanesHilly Dilly, etc).

I am not surprised about this quick buzz, her “marketing” profile makes her quite hot nowadays:

She is born and raised in modern South West London but she is from traditional Persian descent (hence, and as she explains, her music reflects this contrast that defines her);

Her stage name means “gold” in Farsi, “palm trees” in Sanskrit, and is an Indian term for rhythm; and

Her tracks are electro pop but at the same time hypnotic and experimental.

Her first EP “The Duchess” was released on June 2 on Aesop Label and has just been published (now) on SoundCloud.

Her SoundCloud channel stays updated and her music video for “Serbia” is quite trippy (it was inspired by Srđan Spasojević’s A Serbian Film, which was banned in ten countries for its horrific depictions of necrophilia and sexual abuse).

“Other People’s Poetry” is a mixtape mix featuring everything from Atlanta hip-hop, to video game soundtracks, to her own original recordings. The full track list can be read here.

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