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Hello Psychaleppo, psychedelic bedouin chants from Aleppo, Syria

Hello Psychaleppo

Hello Psychaleppo is a 26-year-old Syrian musician named Zimo, who relocated to Beirut a couple of years ago, since his hometown of Aleppo, Syria has been under siege. He quickly made his mark on the Beiruti indie scene, having a truly unique and experimental sound. Indeed, Zimo uses melodies of the bedouin “Mawwals” and choirs of old Tarab and mixes them with psychedelic sounds. As defined on his page: “”Hello Psychaleppo!” is a project fusing Arab heritage music and electronic sounds.”

I first discovered him on the weekly radio show that I host with, Zimo has been a guest twice so far. What I experienced:


His third album “HA!” was released last week in Beirut. I share below the former, along with a couple of my favorite tracks. To hear more from his previous albums “Hello Psychaleppo” and “Gool L’Ah”, check his SoundCloud channel.

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