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Restless Leg Syndrome, music genres flipped into danceable beats

“Restless Leg Syndrome” is a music project founded by Austrian DJs Chrisfader, Testa and dbh. The trio have been long time friends and they are all based in Vienna, Austria.

The project RLS is clear: the trio takes a certain music genre then flips it into danceable beats. Their first record called “Swapping Swingers” used the swing genre, then it was the turn of “Dabkeh”, where they mixed this traditional Levantine folklore and arabic sounds with hip hop beats.

Those “flips” are done by adding bass, drums, percussions, claps or by using percussive loops from the 60s and the 70s. The music samples are taken from any type of sources, such as old vinyls and even cassettes. For example, the melody in “Sharitt Casette” from their EP “Dabkeh” is a bedouin track from the 60s taken from a tape owned by Chris’ stepfather’s:


As I mentioned in some previous posts, I host a weekly radio show with in a radio and bar located in the heart of vibrant Beirut called Radio Beirut. We interview local and regional bands then have them perform live on stage. Restless Leg Syndrome was invited to perform at Radio Beirut on May 3rd, hence they were invited the day before on the show (I know…this blog post should have been published earlier!)

Restless Leg Syndrome

The trio during their interview at Radio Beirut.

I instantly had a crush on their music, especially their EP “Dabkeh”, not only because I’m Lebanese with a soft spot for this traditional Levantine folklore dance, but also because I thought most tracks had really unique beats and twists into them, especially “Ya Nass” and “Habibi”, they literally “flipped” my mind.

I share below the podcast of the radio show (where the lebanese band “Adonis” was interviewed afterwards). I also share my favorite tracks and the full EP “Dabkeh”. Fore more, check their SoundCloud and bandcamp channels.


And, more pictures during the radio show!

Radio Beirut, in Beirut.

Outside of Radio Beirut, in Beirut.

My sis hanging next to the radio booth.

My sis hanging out next to the radio booth.

Our next guest "Adonis" playing during the show.

Our second guest “Adonis”, playing during the show.

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